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1994 Nissan Skyline GTR

Still retaining 2.6ltr

Engine - factory Nissan block, factory Nissan crank, Crower rods, CP
pistons, ACL race bearings, machine work by Jack Brothers.

Cylinder head - Custom porting, HKS cam shafts, HKS cam gears, HKS
springs, standard valves

Accessories - Graphic Skills Racing dry sump system; Trust exhaust
manifold; Custom Garrett turbo; Trust intercooler; Hypertune plenum
and throttle body; In House fuel rail; 1760cc; Turbo Smart fuel
pressure regulator

Engine Management - MoTeC M800 with all data logging and Motec CDI Ign.

Gearbox - Cluthless 5 speed liberty gearbox. Custom made by Craig
Liberty himself

Diffs - Front : 1 1/2 way.
Rear : chrome moly full spool

Clutch - Direct Clutch triple plate

Drive shafts - Front : factory Nissan.
Rear : Billett steel

Tailshaft - Factory Nissan

Fuel system was done in house

Roll cage was supplied and fitted by Graphic Skills Racing



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